What must a translation be like?

*As good as possible
*As cheap as possible
*As fast as possible

Some clients are willing to trade a favourable price for a longer translation time. Others need the translation as quickly as possible, sometimes even overnight. Whatever the case, we always tell you in advance what is possible and in what time frame.

Every text is different and varies fromstandard to complex or very demanding. As a result of this, it is advisable that you send us a short excerpt of the desired text so that we can get an idea of the length and complexity of the text and make you an appropriate offer.

Text length

*Short texts, one page and less
*Medium-length texts, one to three pages
*Long texts, four pages and more

The exact price per standard line (50-55 characters including spaces) depends on the complexity  of a text, the length, the language combination and the subject area.

Simple texts – texts that do not contain technical terms, e.g. private correspondence

Moderately complex texts – texts which partly contain technical terms (e.g. simple business correspondence, invoices, political texts, history, etc.)

Complex texts – specialised texts, such as technical instructions or descriptions, business reports, contracts, PR/advertising texts, difficult technical or scientific texts, etc.

Contact us for a non-binding offer or send us an enquiry.