In order to be able to offer you the highest possible quality,  EnergyTranslations works in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 + A!: 2018:

The DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 + A!: 2018 standard is intended to provide all those involved in translation jobs with a tool that facilitates processing by defining uniform procedures.

The specifications of DIN EN ISO 17100:2016 + A!: 2018 are aimed at everyone who is involved in a translation job as a client or contractor. In addition to the client, this primarily includes freelance translators, language services of companies and authorities as well as translation agencies. However, the specifications do not apply to interpreting and

only to a limited extent to translation under special conditions, such as conference translation.

The standard specifies the requirements for translation assignments, which refer in detail to the following points:

– Source text
– Cooperation between the parties involved in the translation assignment
– Selection of the translator
– Process organisation
– Target text (translation)
– Translation review

The question of process organisation is at the centre of the standard and regulates the agreements between client and translator, the support of the translator by the client and the documentation accompanying the process, as well as the division and subcontracting of translation jobs.

In principle, freedom of contract cannot be restricted by a standard. However, the aim of the standard is to simplify the processing of translation orders, as DIN EN 15038 can be voluntarily made the basis of the contract by the client and translator.

Another focus is on the specifications regarding the target text, which refer to the form and content of the translation. In addition, the standard contains definitions of terms, rules for dealing with the source text as well as references to other standards which the translator should apply during the work.

It is important to us that you derive the greatest possible benefit from working with us.

Therefore, we have established some criteria to offer you the highest possible quality. These criteria are the following:


Each translator shall treat each translation as confidential and shall not be entitled to publish or sell it.


Each translation is done by a native speaker with appropriate knowledge of the subject. Each translation is checked for typing errors, spelling etc. before being sent to the customer. The translation is adapted to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target group.

Terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of EnergyTranslations apply. Special requests of the customer will be communicated and discussed prior to the conclusion of the contract.


The delivery date is binding. Any delay will be communicated immediately.

Format and layout

The translation is delivered in the format requested by the client. The correct grammatical and orthographical rules of the target language are applied accordingly.

Due to these quality guidelines, we avoid errors, work more efficiently and faster and can offer you a higher quality of translation and shorter delivery times.

Guidelines for each translation: